The Basic About Seo For Your Online Business

What is SEO?

Well if you havent started your first website or blog you might be still wandering, what is SEO? In this post I will explain the very basic about SEO, very basic that kindergarten’s can understand and implement it. Just kidding.. Yeah, SEO is important to our website as it can be the reliable and highly converting traffic sources. I believe many webmasters still relying on SEO as the primary or even the only traffic sources.

Before we learn further about SEO technique and practice let us discuss first about the meaning of SEO itself. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which the very first to used the terms is still unknown, though maybe Bob and Lelan Harden are the first to use the terms according to their jefferson starship ranking case. Well it doesn’t matter since now it has became a popular acronyms on the web.

From my perspective SEO can be defined as a technique to get our page (not just website) rank as high as it can be in Search Engine Result Page for any targeted keywords. Our target position can be in page one, in top five, or even the top position (#1) depending on the competition and amount of searches. In this case I often use google as an example because most of the search engine users in the world still use google.

Why We Should Do SEO?

It is your choice whether or not you want to implement SEO for your website. But you must know that the searcher usually looking at page one only and don’t bother look at page two, three etc especially if they already find what they are looking for in page one. Imagine also you are the top position for a keyword that has 3000 exact local monthly searches (if you are wondering then wait about my next post about keyword research) and your website sells $10 commission product. If we assume that 100% searcher visit your website that have 10% conversion rate (means every 10 visitor 1 will buy your products) then for one keyword you could get 300 x $10 = $3,000 a month! And lot more crazier facts or proof or witness about how much is the potential are available out there.

So now you might well be curious and ask, “Yeah, then how to do SEO for my website?”

Basically the SEO generally can be divide into two: Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. So what’s their meaning and difference?? About it I will post in the next article, so keep in touch !