Starting An Online Business For Beginner An Introduction To Success

Mark worked as a marketing officer for a one of a well known Bank in his country. But guess what, he never love not even like his job. He does the job because his parent want him to do so. the job has a target and a chance to being kicked out if he doesn’t achieve it. He do the job daily but not with full heart for nearly a year. And after day of evaluation comes, he doesn’t even close to the minimum target and forced out. But he wont give up.

He tried to seek what his talent are and how is that can make money for him. Then he start to hear some story about successful online marketers. What so great about online marketing is he can do that part time, even if he has a full time job. So, its nothing to lose to try. He starts join some internet marketing course and some technical aspect like SEO. Some first product he sells in internet are some interior products for villas and hotels, which the supplier is his friend. All from the free blogspot website. The market response? good.

Now after more than a year doing his online business, he earns more than what an employee got and the greatest thing is while doing some business online he got more spare time than others. Now he plans to even bigger online business and that’s what he enjoys the most.

According to the story above, what is your conclusion? Maybe a lot of you experienced the story above? So how’s your thought after tired of your work or daily activities or want to earn extra income? If yes, maybe this is the right time for you to start an online business. And the good thing about this is you don’t have to do it full time like your jobs. You can start it without quit from your full time jobs. I personally recommend at first don’t do full time online until you get reasonable income from your online business.

And In this blog we don’t talk about the large scale of online business but rather what business you can start do it now from your home (or from your office, if you have lot of spare time, lols). Starting an online business is not that hard, we can start it first with free website such as blogspot. If you want to be more serious you can start purchasing a domain (for example from namecheap) and buy hosting, all for about 40 – 90 $ per year (just compare that amount to a conventional business).

First starting an online business can be both rewarding and challenging. Knowing where and how to start, how to gain visitors, and how to make money are very important questions every starters will have to ask him/herself in order to create a sustainable business they are passionate about.

There are untied combinations of your passion of the business, utmost creativity, and consistent effort will be the first important factor to you.

The next important thing, after we have a website another basic skill you have is social media marketing and SEO (Search engine optimization). SEO is the technique to obtain the good position in google or other search engine (user mostly use google) for the targeted keywords. For example if we have a rent car business and we based in say Singapore, so if we search for a term “Rent Car Singapore” our website should be appear in first page of the google result, great if appear in top three result. Hopefully I will discuss more about SEO in other articles. Just wait okay

Maybe you wonder, what kind of business I can start first? There are various kind of business that we can start. In the next post I will try to describe about some selection of online business that we can start, just enjoy my writings!