Your home business down-line team is a very important part of helping your home business grow, so it is very important that you support and help them to succeed.

1. Personal Contact Communication with your home business team is very important. It helps people to know that there is a real person out there willing to help them get started and answer their home business questions. My favorite way to make first contact is by email, but if that doesn’t work you can also use phone or postal (snail) mail. Remember that every person is different and sometimes each one needs a different type of contact. Keep your first contact short and to the point, but be friendly and willing to help. Be sure to include how they can contact you if they have questions or need advice.

2. Training I’m sure you remember when you first started your home business and were lost and didn’t know where to start. Many people on your team are going to feel the same way. Its your job to point them in the right direction. Send them training emails, offer articles and resources. If your Organization has free or paid training courses, send your team that information.

3. Motivation Help your team want to succeed. Offer them rewards and incentives for completing training courses, for making sales, or for just hanging in there and not being a quitter. Show them the benefits of reaching the next level in your home business team, and help them reach their goals. These rewards can be as simple as positive praise from you to almost anything that will help their home business to grow. Remember you can’t make someone succeed who isn’t willing to help themselves.

4. Share your secrets of success If you want your home business to grow and flourish, you need your down-line to do the same. Don’t hold back your secrets from your team, doing so will only hurt you in the long run. Tell them the things that have made you successful and the things that did not work for you. Don’t wait for them to ask for help, send them your ideas and outline on how to get started soon after they join. By doing this you will soon have a business team who will also be sharing their secrets with you!

5. Be a role model Your business team will be looking to you for support and help. They will also be looking at everything you do. If you are successful, its likely they will become successful by doing what you do. Its important that you do are doing the things you want your team to be doing. You can’t tell them to do what you say and not what you do, they will see you as a hypocrite and not trust in your methods. Set a good example for your team and they will want to follow in your footsteps. Quintarsa Malone is a single work at home mom from Indiana.Visit her website and read more work at home articles here legitimate-work-from-home-jobs