1) Publish an Ezine: The only way to collect email addresses of your website visitors and build your own opt-in list is with your own ezine. If you’re not publishing, I strongly suggest you start and add a sign up box in the upper right hand corner of every page in your site.

2) Use P.P.C: That’s “Pay Per Click,” for all you newbies out there. If you’re not using Google and Overture you need to open an account today. By bidding into the top three positions you’ll enjoy mass exposure on many of the other top search engines like Yahoo.

To keep costs down, use two and three word phrases and try to stay away from the most popular ones.

3) Swap Links: You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating: find other related sites and swap links with them. Not only will it give you a slight boost with the search engines, but it will also enhance your site for your guests by giving them more related resources to explore.

4) Buy Ezine Ads: Ezine Advertising is popular because it works. Look for top spots and solo ads for best response rates.

5) Swap Ezine Ads: If you publish an ezine, and you should, find other publishers to swap ads with for some free advertising. Make sure these publications appeal to your target market.

6) Discussion Boards: Participating in online discussion boards and posting helpful resources with a good signature line is a great way to increase your traffic.

7) Write Articles: Write short articles such as this one and distribute them to article lists and other ezine publishers for possible inclusion in their ezines. Try to keep them short under 500 words.


8) Press Releases: Try to come up with a news angle for your site and compose a press release and submit it to the media. If just one person picks up your story you can get a large amount of traffic.

9) Promotional Products: Have pens, pencils, notepads and other promotional items printed up with your url and give them away.

10) Affiliate Program: If you sell a product consider starting your own affiliate program where others sell for you and you pay them a commission.