Top 9 Cycling Tours Around the World

Cycling tours are common all around the world as they provide that much-needed adrenaline rush that most individuals crave. However, it should be noted that these tours are designed for cyclists who tour and for tourists who love to cycle. These tours are usually conducted in and around mountainous areas, covering the best locations and routes. In fact, the routes chosen for most of these cycling tours are scenic as well as challenging. They will definitely give you memories to last you a lifetime if you are up for the challenge. Here are some of the world’s best cycling tours.
Florida Cycling Tour:

Florida serves as a perfect destination for a cycling tour. The sunny State in America will allow cyclists to cycle through forested areas as well as areas surrounded by palm trees. The many beaches that the State has will also make for great viewing. Enjoy a scenic tour with perfect weather in Florida.
Desert Cycling Tours: