Top 15 Greece Tourist Places to Visit

With above sixty islands, historic sites which have been preserved from centuries, lovely beaches, mountain ranges, touring Greece, is one of the best experiences that you can gift yourself with. Greece is one of the most popular tourist’s spots. Throughout Greece there are a lot of remains from the ancient civilizations which gives us the knowledge of how lives were before.
1. Athens:

Athens is the capital city of Greece and also an important place for the administrative departments. This city is one of the oldest in the world and it is known to be over 3000 years old. The city has been a major contribution to Western culture that too from the olden times. It is not only administratively important with all the financial and judicial matters but is also has a religious significance. Athens is known to be the birthplace of many philosophers like Socrates, Pericles and Sophocles.
2. Santorini: