Top 15 Bird Sanctuaries in India

A person, who likes to do bird watching, can find several types of Himalayan species and also some inhabitant avian species of the Indian subcontinent in the popular sanctuaries. Usually a person can find several varieties of sparrows, or the quail or the cranes here. If a person sees these parks in the then they can find several types of Himalayan species here. Amongst them the macaws and other varieties of budgerigars and parakeets are quite popular. Owning to the mass destruction of the forests due to deforestation and also due to several factories which are making the waters and also the forests polluted, several preservation areas have been built by the government where several species of animals can survive. Not only this, but there are also other attractions like the popular basins and the estuarine lakes or the dams which are many of the other attractions surrounding there national parks. A person can also see the Horn Bill, Ostrich, the national Peacock and Indian Bustard which is an endangered species in these protected environments.
Below are the top 15 bird sanctuaries in India that are very popular.
1. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary:

bird sanctuaries in india1
Sultanpur is the home for several species of colourful birds. This is located in the Gurgaon of Haryana. This is not a large area but is known for its diversity which gives a home to all these aves. There is also a lake which many people go to see. This has fresh water in it and many Himalayan species come to this lake from northern neighbouring countries. This also has several flying forms of predators. A person can even see several types of parrots and other macaw here.
2. Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary: