Top 15+ Ahmadabad Tourist Places to Visit

Ahmadabad, a state of Gujarat is the city of past. This place has been built from the past centuries. Consisting of beautiful lakes, historical monuments, temples, mosques and museum. It is a place of jewel of India. As the historians would love to visit this place, the people who do not get excited by the books will surely be excited by watching them.
Tourists who like to explore more and more should visit this place and will come to know awesome facts about the past.
Places to See in Ahmadabad:

Relogious Places:-
In recent times, Ahmadabad being a metropolitan city does not forget its heritage. The religious places built are not only the place of worship but rich in art and culture, history and rich architecture. The main religion is Hinduism but other religion is also followed in this city. The places are worth visiting and surely will amaze you.
Ahmed Shah’s Mosque:
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Ahmed Shah’s mosque is the oldest mosque in this city and was billed by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1414 A.D. As the history tells the mosque was built only for the king and king’s men to worship. It is located in the south-west end of the famous Bhadra fort.
Bhadrakali Temple: