Parks and Sanctuaries in Tripura

One of the seven sisters of the North East Tripura is a laid back state with lush greenery to regale in. Here are the best tourist spots and green patches the state has on offer.
Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary:
Along the dense forests of Tripura, lies the benchmark of natural heritage and biodiversity, in form of this popular sanctuary called Gumti.

The flora along this terrain boasts of some very rare, medicinal and therapeutic herbs and plants. These are a blessing to ayurveda and are highly sought after for cures to some major diseases.  The fauna also follows suit with the plants as it is a shelter for some endangered animals. It has a diverse variety of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and even insects.
The nearest airport is in Agartala and it is well connected to the other states by railways.
Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary:
Nature lovers, enthusiast and researchers love this sanctuary and the plethora of species it has to offer.