Culture and Festivals of Madhya Pradesh

Right in the centre of all the states and cities, right in the heart of India is a state known by the name Madhya Pradesh. Yes, the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is one of the biggest states in India with a tribal population of approximately 20 % or more of the entire population present in India.  The home to many a national park, Madhya Pradesh or popularly known as MP is a well known reservoir of forest and animal life which are in abundance in this state. But to know these native civilians of this state one needs to attend some of their cultural get togethers and festivals celebrated widely across the country and thus in this article I give a brief account of all the festivals this state experiences-

Being an urban as well as tribal concrete agglomeration, Madhya Pradesh often experiences tourist activities and due this, the religion-ethnicity tolerant state celebrates a wide range of festivals including the common New Year and Christmas events. Apart from this some of the other traditional festivals are-