9 Famous Uttar Pradesh Tourist Places to Visit

Uttar Pradesh is the biggest state of India. Not only is it big, but also carries great historical relevance. Here you will have the golden opportunity to unravel the country’s oldest secrets. From the famous epic Mahabharata to the oldest Jain literature, you will everything here. It also has ancient buildings and architecture which symbolize the reign of the Mughals. Since there is so much you can find within one state, you should definitely come to this place once. In case you are coming soon, here is a short tour guide for you.
Allahabad Fort:

On your trip to Uttar Pradesh, you must first visit the Allahabad Fort. It was established in the year 1583 on the orders of King Akbar. It was built on the banks of the Ganges River and is one of the largest forts created during the Mughal dynasty. If you are a keen lover of history, art and architecture, Allahabad Fort is the place for you.
Swaraj Bhawan: