9 Best Himachal Pradesh Tourist Places to Visit

Previously untouched by outside forces due to its rugged terrain, progressive change has put Himachal Pradesh on the map of famous tourist destinations in India. The state especially holds dear for mountain lovers. With its picturesque hill stations, abundance of natural splendor and best known handicraft work, Himachal Pradesh should definitely be on one’s itinerary of places to visit.

The capital city of Himachal Pradesh is a much loved and most famous tourist destination in all of India. Referred to as the queen of all hill stations, Shimla is a honeymooner’s paradise and a blissful retreat for vacationers. Its scenic terrain is punctuated with temples and palaces and colonial style buildings. The old and imposing Christ Church with its stained glass windows forms one of the major landmarks of the city while The Mall, Shimla’s main shopping centre is a must visit for everyone visiting the place.