6 Famous Parks in Jamshedpur with Pictures

Jamshedpur is a small industrial city with a moderate population. While not as developed as metro cities it is well maintained and offers everything a mainstream city can. It is like a pet project of the Tata Steel industry that has its plants located here. The city is often referred to as Tata or the Steel City. Though an industrial city, this place still has its greenery. A number of parks and lakes can be found in this area.
Jubilee Park:

Tata Steel has had much to do with the development of Jamshedpur. One of its contributions was in beautifying the city. The first park that Tata Steel gifted the city was Jubilee Park. It was opened by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru India’s first prime minister and is thus years old. It is an excellent place to spend a soothing evening in or to go for one’s morning walk in. The park has a separate children’s park with swings and other recreational rides too. It has fountains and lush rose gardens that add to its charm. Cyclists, joggers, walkers and their likes are often found crowding this area.
Tata Steel Zoological Park: