It is now possible to Unsend Emails with Google’s Gmail

June 23, 2015 – Sometimes you end you sending an incomplete mail that that needs to be edited again. It can be embarrassing at times to send an email that lacks content making revisions necessary. Furthermore, sending email to the wrong recipient makes it a bit awkward as there is no option to revert back the actions that you have done. This however, can now be cancelled with Gmail’s newest feature.

Google has finally introduced the option to unsend emails with Gmail. This particular feature works well with Gmail on the web and allows its users to call back emails within a 30 second timeframe.

After sending an email, there is a big Unsend button hovering at the top of the screen, which disappears once the timer runs out. This gives users a fair amount of time to consider if they sent the right document or file as well as check if they got the right recipient correctly.

This option or feature however, needs to be enabled first in order for Gmail users to notice its effect. This can be configured by going to your General tab found in your Gmail settings.

Even though this option only gives users 30 seconds to cancel the mail that they have sent, this is by far a very welcomed and is also one of the most requested features with regards to emails today. It is good to hear that Google is able to hear the request of its users and are taking the necessary steps and actions in the process.

Maybe in the future we might be able to see more options with regards to unsending emails. A longer time frame for cancelling sent email perhaps? However, right now having this feature is pretty much a lifesaver.</