Play PS4 Anywhere This Nifty Accessory

August 8, 2015 – Gamers like the idea of being able to play games at any desired place. This can be quite hard to accomplish especially since the basic setup requires the console attached to a television limiting its reach.

A pocketable projector was announced which is about the size of a couple of smartphones and is being marketed alongside the PlayStation 4 which will allow users to beam some of their favourite games onto virtually any wall. It seems that it doesn’t even matter if the surface is flat since its innovative laser technology inside the unit will focus the image regardless. This in turn makes it easy to play games anywhere PS4 owners wish to.

With that being said, this nifty PS4 accessory isn’t exactly cheap. The pocketable MPCL1 will cost one $350 to acquire for the portable version. Furthermore, there are also downsides to its display.

Those who wish to have that full HD experience with the games that they are playing will not be able to do so especially since the display runs at the rather odd resolution of 1920×720 – and is actually quite dim, packing a brightness rating of just 32 lumens.

The portable version does have an HDMI input, and is also capable of streaming video from a phone, tablet, or laptop via Wi-Fi and you can even use its 3,000mAh battery to charge your phone, which is quite a neat extra feature if you find yourself unable to access any plug socket.