Kirby on Unreal Engine 4 Not Cute as it Seems

July 28, 2015 – Gamers always strive for realization on the games that they are playing especially in this modern day and age where technology is rapidly advancing. This is quite apparent with the newer and more innovative games that have been realized over the past few years.

With the release of Unreal Engine 4 a number of iconic video game characters have received its fair share if visual and aesthetic upgrades. It should be noted that a video game consoles have benefited greatly from the Unreal Engine which features a high degree of portability and is a tool used by many game developers today.

With that being said, Nintendo’s console the Wii U is not able to make good use of Unreal Engine 4 because of the problems that revolve around its hardware limiting it use.

This does not stop fans however, to have their own recreation of iconic Nintendo characters playing around the Unreal Engine 4. CryZENx has uploaded a demo of what Kirby may possibly look like on the Unreal Engine 4 platform.

In video above, Kirby is seen running around an open field. He even has his signature voice and moves. Kirby can also fly or float around the area with no trouble.

What many fans find unsettling is how his mouth looks like especially with its sucking animation. Kirby is known to consume his enemies by sucking them inside his belly. Seeing him in action on Unreal Engine 4 really does look weird. Watch the video and decide for yourself.</