Vajrasana (Diamond Pose) How to Do and Its Benefits

Are you thinking to do diamond pose? Diamond pose or Vajrasana pose in yoga is measured as best movements for breathing as well as meditation. This is single of the simple asana which can be practiced even after lunch or dinner following regular practice of this breathing work out like pranayama, kapalbhati, anulon vilom by sit in this pose, will compose body tough as diamond Vajrasana is a Sanskrit word that is a blend of two words – ‘vajra’ also ‘asana’. Vajra means ‘Diamond’, also asana means Pose, therefore the name Diamond Pose.
Vajraasana 2
Diamond Pose is a sitting yoga pose and is utilized for reflection, growth self-confidence, and inhalation exercise moreover as a stress reliever. The greatest part of Diamond Pose is that this asana can be performing devoid of stressing any body part. Diamond Pose is familiar for radiating power. Later than asan your body make you feel positive also lively.
Top Step for Diamond Pose:

Fold up the legs backwards moreover sit down by the assist of your knees.
Your spine, neck, head, must be straight moreover seal the eyes.
Exact palm to maintain on right knee moreover left palm to be reserved on left knee plus elbows in a straight line.
Look front and inhale in general.
While you free your breath believe that you can eliminate all the disorder is coming out as of your nose.
Leave over these steps for 5 to 7 minutes moreover get a break. You can boost the time for 15 – 20 minutes.