Top 8 Upper Back Pain Exercises

Back pain is a very normal and natural affair when you exert your body too much. back pain occurs when the muscles situated on the back are worked to the limit due to the strenuous jobs that a person has to carry out daily. Though back pain is a normal affair and goes after a good night’s rest or a few hour rest during the day it can turn out to be quite troublesome when you need to complete a job of work. There is no age factor when it comes to back pain though younger people have the ability to put it off longer than that of an older person. Back pain just requires a bit of rest to go away but if it persists there are a certain amount of exercises that help you fight this minor problem. Back pain exercises play a strong part in making your body more resilient to this troublesome problem.
Given below are a few well known upper back exercises that help you to get rid of an upper back pain fast:-
Knee to Chest Exercise:

Knee to chest exercise
The knee to chest exercise is a great free hand exercise which can be done and implemented into your set of exercises every morning. This exercise has to be done precisely as directed so that the upper back muscles are relieved of any unnecessary pressure which could result in a back pain at any point in the day. To do this exercise first lie down with your face facing the ceiling, now lift up your leg as high as possible and hold the knee with both hands and stretch for the best results. Do this simultaneously with both legs for a period of 30 seconds each and increase the time daily.
Lying Knee Twist: