Top 7 Exercises for Flat Tummy

Want a flat tummy? Are you looking for exercises to get flat tummy? There are many exercises that help you to get flat tummy if you do on regular basis. At present time, the incorrect lifestyle as well as long time sitting is responsible for a tummy fat. Nowadays, all the people are very much health conscious and paying attention to improve their personality. Thus, today in this article we are discussing about exercise to get flat tummy.
Exercises to Get Flat Tummy:
1. The Boat Pose:
The boat pose

 Sit down on the ground, bending your knees plus feet flat and incline back; lengthening your legs thus your body makes a right angle.
 Drag your abs in to equilibrium. Lengthen your arms at shoulder stature past your knees.
 Grasp for five relaxed breaths and coming back to your initial position. Repeat 5 spells a day.

2. Reverse Curl: