Top 15 Vitamin C Rich Foods

Among the important nutrients that one requires for a healthy body and mind, vitamins definitely plays a major role and helps in a lot of significant functions. There are however a lot of different kinds of vitamins and one of the essential and common one is Vitamin C.
Within the various functions that it can perform, treatment of cold and cough, boosting the immunity, build-up of the tissues, blood vessels as well as bones and boosting the synthesis of calcium are some that you should know about. This makes you realize the importance of including vitamin C in the diet. In fact, it also heals injuries and helps in improving the functions of the brain.
Knowing about so many benefits of vitamin C, you must be thinking that how can you get the daily requirement of this vitamin fulfilled. The best and the most natural way to get the level of vitamin C in the body are food sources. To know about the food items rich in vitamin C, check this guide below. It has the top 15 such foods that can be considered without second thoughts. Make sure you pick a combination of 2-3 foods each day in the meals in small portions for excellent results.

1. Yellow Bell Peppers:
Bell Pepper
Around 180-185 mg of vitamin C is present in about 100 grams of yellow bell peppers making it one of the best food items in the menu for gaining the daily requirement of vitamin C. make sure you take a portion of this vegetable in the diet for dual benefits of antioxidant properties as well.
2. Green Leafy Vegetables: