Bhakti Yoga Asanas and Benefits

Bhakti Yoga is form of Yoga that pertains to spiritual devotion towards the almighty.

In Bhakti yoga, everything is a manifestation of the love for the divine and divinity. The Yogi or bhakta feels a sense of oneness, fulfilment and union with god. Bhakti yoga is based on the principle “Love is God and God is Love”. When a bhakta attains the deep stages of Bhakti yoga then everything worldly becomes meaningless and futile to him. Eating, sleeping, earning, ego and responsibilities cease to matter. Bhakti yoga is also called yoga of devotion. The word Bhakti is derived from the root ‘bhaj’. Bhakti is a form of param or highest form of love.
Bhagti Yoga unlike other forms of Yoga does not involve extensive yogic practices. Bhagavata Purana teaches nine primary forms of bhakti. You may follow any of them as per your choice.

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Those being:
• Shravana or Listening to scriptures<br
• Bhajans or kirtans that usually refers to singing praises of the lord in a group<br
• Smaran or remembering god at a mental level<br
• Seva or offering services to youe diety or sadhus<br
• Archana or worshipping an idol or image if god.<br
• Vandana or singing or reciting prayers.<br
• Dasya or servitude<br
• Sakhya or friendship<br
• Atma samarpana or complete surrender.
These 9 forms or rather routes of Bhakti allow a devotee to stay in touch with or connected to his diety or ishtha deva in one way or another.