10 Best Exercises for Biceps

It is not important to have huge bulging biceps, as much as it is to have shapely ones. Apart from the mass building, one must also focus on strengthening the biceps too.  Biceps may not be the most important part for strength factors, but hey, who doesn’t like to show them off eh!! Imagine waving out to your peeps with flabby waves, OMG that would be such a nightmare. This would make you the laughing stock of humanity around, and if you don’t want to be called a hag before time or ever for that matter, start working the biceps out.
Exercise for biceps
Let us now take a look at the ten best bicep exercises given to us by experts. We promise they are easy to do and will show you results through hard work and dedication. Yes, no pain means no gain, so put on your gym clothes and lets begin, shall we?

1. Incline Hammer Curls: