Demi Lovato Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

At 19 she achieved record selling success with her hit single “Give Your Heart a Break” and at 20 she was propelled to international fame with her appearance as one of the four judges on The X Factor. With her signature looks and perfect complexion Demi Lovato has many young women all over wanting to ape her style. Her beauty secrets include a whole list of ‘magical products,’ which she had no qualms in revealing via Twitter recently. Being a young starlet requires extra special care to keep one’s physical appearance in excellent shape while at the same time warding off the early signs of ageing which comes with the territory, so here’s how Demi manages to stay fresh and radiant under the constant glare of spotlights.

Whether it be a face full of make up or au naturel Demi always looks lovely and the secret to this beauty is a whole lot of moisturizing products. When it’s Showtime she goes all out but when she’s not working she wears as little makeup as possible, sometimes even going without. Her daily skin care regime consists of washing her face first thing when she wakes up with an exfoliating cleanser followed by a toner and hydrating moisturizer. Her night time routine is no different except to remove all her makeup and use a night nourishment cream to re-hydrate her skin. Demi’s favourite is Renee Rouleau’s products which help keep her skin clear of acne and radiantly glowing. In addition to this, she does get a facial done once in three months and of course drinks plenty of water to nourish her skin from within.