Man Served with Dish Washer Detergent Instead of Wine Dies

Man Served with Dish Washer Detergent Instead of Wine Dies
June 17, 2015 – Be careful with that the drinks that you consume especially at restaurants and bars.
Andreas Lorente, 50, ordered a glass of wine on Sunday afternoon at Bar Raconet in the city of Benicarló in the Spanish province of Castellón. The content of the served wine however was the colorless industrial cleaner and that for whatever reason was stored in a glass bottle inside the cafe’s refrigerator.
Even though Andreas had only a few sips of the wine glass, he felt that its effects were violent and strong.
He felt a burning sensation moments after drinking the glass of what he thought was wine.
He was rushed to a hospital in Comarcal de Vinaròs Hospital, Spain after suffering severe burns to his throat and stomach. Unfortunately, he died before he could be airlifted to a specialist centre nearby. The man died from major internal burns.
The café owner has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter but the investigators however, believe that this was done in part by accident instead of a foul play.
Always make sure to separate harmful chemicals and substance to liquid beverages and food. Having a dedicated storage of such items is ideal to avoid mixing different products altogether especially with regards to food and drinks. The same principle can be applied not only in restaurants and bars but also at home where kids are prone in consuming anything that they see.
Accidents do occur and can happen without any warning. With that being said, this incident could have been avoided if the management and its employees would double check the items that are prepared and served to their customers. Regular maintenance and checkup is also necessary especially if one wants to avoid having problems with the authorities in the near future.