Is Pixels the Worst Film of 2015?

Is Pixels the Worst Film of 2015?
July 28, 2015 – After the huge success of the 2012 American 3D computer-animated fantasy-comedy film Wreck it Ralph which featured a slew of popular video game characters. This paved the way for filmmakers to experiment with the said formula and create a film with the same theme.
Enter 2015 and the release of Pixels starring Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Kevin James and Josh Grad amongst the other cast as well as iconic video game characters such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invader, Galaga etc.
A video game themed movie that is based on iconic video game characters, this spells instant hit and success to fans right? I mean what could go wrong?
Well, everything did go wrong and this is quite apparent on how it was critically received by critics and moviegoers alike. The film Pixels is currently sitting at 18% in the Tomatometer on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 3.8 over 10. Its audience score is 58% with an average rating of 3.3 over 5.
The film did not also fare very well over Metacritic with a Metascore of 27 generally unfavorable reviews and a user score of 4.9.
It should be noted that Adam Sandler found little to no success with his films over the past decade and his films are often considered by fans and critics to be either a hit or a miss. We do hope that such feedback will not affect the creation potential video game films in the future.