Cat Stuck in Sofa for Two Months While Travelling 3,700 Miles across the Country

Cat Stuck in Sofa for Two Months While Travelling 3,700 Miles across the Country
June 16, 2015 – Cats are often the highlight of news these days highlighting their mischievous and playful nature.
This time a cat got stuck in a sofa while their owners are moving up their home in El Paso, Texas in preparation for a big move to the other side of the country in Fairbanks, Alaska. They need to make sure they got everything in check with the items. However, this was one missing among their searches. It was their feline friend Moosiewho they think ran awaywhile they were packing things up.
Not able to find their pet and running short on time, they were left with no choice but to go on without Moosie. With that being said, Kymberly and Jesse Chelf were caught by surprised when they heard a noise coming from inside their futon which the moving company brought with them.
They found Moosiea very scared and dehydrated cat. Kymberly and Jesse Chelf quickly then rushed him to a veterinary hospital wherein undergone emergency surgery. It is good to hear that nothing severe happened to the cat and he is now on the mend and will be able to return to his new home soon with his owner’s
Moosie went on an unexpected journey travelling by land, air and sea. With that being said, he has suffered liver damage and will have to be fed through a tube for the next few weeks.
If you are moving and have pets living with you, make sure that they are transported in an effective and proper manner. Double check your items to see if any of your pets got stuck perhaps in a closet, a drawer, a shelf or like the one in this article, a futon.