Importance of Healthy Food Habits – Our top 9

With increasing external factors like pollution and extreme pressures of life, the requirement for a healthy lifestyle is increasing day by day. It is important for each one of us to know that only healthy and nutritious foods can help us meet the daily requisites of the body and for its proper functioning. There are loads of benefits with just some simple and easy changes in the routine food habits that you can’t even imagine. However, to make things easier for the readers, we have a list of top 9 healthy food habits that you can stick by. It is bound to give you visible outcomes in a couple of weeks. Make sure you follow them on a routine basis to get maximum advantages.
1. Breakfast is Important:

2. Have Smaller Portions:
Instead of having 3 large meals which makes digestion difficult, it can so be done that it is split into smaller meals throughout the day. Have 5-6 portions of small meals that will help in easy digestion and keep you away from problems of bloating and overeating. Eating something every 2 hours is advisable.
3. Include Fruits and Vegetables: