How to Make Chicken Sandwich Recipe

For those who are looking for a quick bite and a one that is healthy and filling, there is nothing better than a sandwich. Sandwich is one of the most common foods not only in breakfast but also in brunch and evening snack. The huge quantities of vegetables in the sandwich make it extremely healthy as well as quite a low calories dish to go about with. For those who like to indulge in animal meat, can easily add on some chicken to the sandwich and enhance the taste. Chicken sandwich is quite a prevalent dish but the different ways in which one can prepare it is what hold the importance and exclusivity.

For the convenience of the users, one need to adhere to some delicious recipes and one of them is given below. The following preparation method is a gourmet chicken sandwich that one can even prepare as an ideal dish for their guests. Check it out and try out today!

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Recipe of Gourmet Chicken Sandwich:
Ingredients Required:
Chicken Breast Halves: 4, boneless, skinless, ¼ inch thickness
Method of Preparation:
Sprinkle some pepper on the chicken breast and alongside heat oil in a skillet. Now add some garlic to this and let it cook till it leaves its aroma and becomes golden brown in colour. To this, one needs to add the chicken in a way that the side which has pepper is facing downwards. You need to sauté the chicken well for the next 10-15 minutes or till the chicken cooks completely and leaves out all its juices.

In another bowl, mix well the mayonnaise, rosemary and mustard. This mixture should be spread well on the focaccia bread once you blend in the entire ingredients well. One of the prepared chicken cutlets should be placed on the bread and then topped with another of the bread slices. The gourmet chicken sandwich is ready to be eaten with some spicy cheese dip.
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Recipe for a Variation of Chicken Sandwich:
Method of Preparation:
Take a bowl and mix together the cream cheese and about two tablespoons of garlic and keep it aside.