9 Best Kerala Street Food Recipes

Kerala is a place where you will get authentic food of south India and also the preparations from other states and even foreign dishes with Indian flavor. Kerala or any other south Indian state has rice in abundance and thus most of their dishes have something made of rice. For example the authentic Idli’s and Dosa’s and all made of rice batter.
1. Dosa:

The most authentic dishes of Kerala are Idli and Dosa. First rice needs to be grinded into a form of a batter, which would be needed for all the dishes of this sort. The rice batter is spread over a ‘tawa’ for Dosa and then it is heated until it is crispy. Then oil is used over and around the Dosa to fry it and also so that it doesn’t get stuck on the utensil. South Indians mostly se coconut oil, but sunflower oil is commonly used to make Dosa’s all over the country. The Dosa’s can be kept plain or added with stuffing to give it flavors. Onion Dosa’s, Potato stuffed Dosa’s, Cheese Dosa’s are common sorts of Dosa’s prepared.
2. Chhola Bhatura: