9 Best Chinese Street Food Recipes

Hoping to get a taste of real Chinese street food in China? Beware of what you wish for. While some are delicacies that you simply can’t resist, others might be ones you would want to resist. Whatever it is, it’s authentic and part of the culture and dirt cheap. Prepare yourself as we give you an insight into some of the best known Chinese food in and around the city streets.

A wheat-flour based flatbread that can be compared to a French crepe, an Indian paratha or a Mexican tortilla, Bings are more commonly eaten for lunch. You can find them being cooked on a skillet or griddle in many roadside stalls while some of them are simply baked. Bings also come with their own variations such as Jian Bing which is a fried egg pancake, Luobo si bing that’s filled with shredded raddish and a variety of others.
Tang hu lu: