13 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

The word pregnancy seems real and legit. It is indeed a simple word filled with sweet memories but often at times the hardships of pregnancy might seem a bit too much. Even before the conceiving takes place, elders flock you with ideas and warnings, experiences and case studies. They talk about their time, their way of dealing easy with pregnancy. Your friends the ones who have had the privilege to experience this journey before you now leaves you hints and ideas. The ones who still haven’t looks up to you now. They now admire your methods to deal with it. However, the early months are always the hardest the mothers admit.
The baby making process is a complicated process but once you settles into it, it would not be that much of a hassle. It starts with the simple amalgamation of the two, the sperm and the egg. The condition formed then is termed as a blastocyst which is a four or five day old fertilized egg. This egg then implants itself to the placenta of the uterine wall and on commences the work. The blastocyst now grows into an embryo and from there to a proper fetus. However, it is not until the second month that the baby growing inside can be termed fetus. For the first month the baby still has an alien shape until the second month rolls in. the baby now in the second month exhibits extreme development which does not stop until somewhat the seventh month. The eighth and ninth month focus more on the perfecting of the baby so that it can face no danger on the outside world.
Pregnancy Tips for Normal Delivery

With pregnancy comes the huge responsibility of being able to bring a new life to earth. This is a happening matter only after the birth is over, but during the pregnancy many a mother has complained about their strict life with rules that cannot be amended. The first thing to do when detected pregnancy, is to run to the doctors and he will immediately chalk you a chart of all the dos and don’ts. One of the most common confusions regarding first time mothers is what to eat and what not to during pregnancy process. Here is a list of all the food you should be giving a stink eye to once you start expecting.