Top 9 Kerala Hairstyles for long Hair

India supports a rich diversity within herself. The richness of her culture can be judged by these very diversities that in totality make up the Indian culture. It is quite phenomenal to see the rich Indian cultures incorporated into these traditional aspects. One such aspect is hair and hairstyles and today we talk about long hairstyles Kerala style. Our traditional hairstyles are a mix and match of some of the greatest ornamental looks fixed with embellishments.  We like to sport it long and tough and therefore here is a list of not so complex Kerala hairstyles that you can opt for during your traditional occasions.
The pinned up bun:
kerela hairstyles for long hair1
Comb the hair thoroughly and back brush it. Once the hair is smoothened out, start segmenting your hair into different strands. You can start by curling your hair too if you have a curler handy. Now take the front portion of the hair and roll it into a tight bun and secure it with a tie. The strands underneath can now be rolled individually and pinned above the bun to add volume.
Puffed braid: