Top 15+ Actress in Saree

The traditional Indian has always been keen on dressing themselves up with extravagance and beauty and what better way to say Indian than a mean piece of clothing, only one, wrapped strategically around your body to fit yourself. That is the simplicity and beauty of a saree and from the roots of it, we admire that the modernized Indian, the page 3 stars, still are bound to their roots. Long back, in the sepia pictures of our grandmas, we saw how saree back then was the only wear one would engage in. Days have changed. Modern Indians have taken up the western culture, dressed themselves differently and still it’s amazing to know they like to hold their cultural roots in account for their beauty. Hence, we prepared a list of all the times we have seen these actors pull out their best look with a saree wrapped around them.
Actress in Saree:
1. The Soft Look:
The soft look
Kangana Ranaut has always pleased us with her wild tresses blowing in the wind as she carries herself with ease and please. But it is a wonder to see Kangana tame down her mane and slip into this beautiful saree piece. While the beautiful georgette blouse in white lacing detail steals our eyes, the half saree she wraps around herself looks fantastic. It is a mixture of a sweet peach pink with frosted beige look. The zari detail in golden looks perfectly in place.
2. The Heavy Sequins: