Kim Kardashian Beauty Tips and Secrets

A popular American television personality, model, fashion designer and actress, Kim Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California. She first accumulated the media attention through her then friend Paris Hilton. But her prominence in the media world became distinct after the leakage of her sex tape with her then boy friend Ray J. She has been a very famous and been able to be on the lime light since then. She was married to a basketball player, Kris Humphries, in 2011 but the marriage did not last long. She filed for divorce after seventy two days of their marriage. Now she is engaged to rapper Kanye West and they also have a baby daughter named North.

Though her wardrobe might divide opinions, nobody can deny the fact that she is well groomed like always. It is due to her stunning appearances that her name has now become synonymous with the glamour world. The new mom, Kim Kardashian, is not only back in her svelte post-pregnancy shape but her face has never looked so fresh. Unlike most stars, this beautiful lady has always been open to beauty related discussions. She has shared some of her beauty regime and make up tips with her fans. Also, she has uploaded video tutorials on YouTube and gave candid interviews. Here’s a list of few of beauty tips that definitely reform your daily looks.
Spoonful of sugar:
According to this beautiful reality star, a spoonful of sugar helps to make skin glow and it is in fact a truth. Kim adds the sweet stuffs in her body wash “for a gentle exfoliating experience”.
Skip shampooing:
Shampooing your hair daily can make the hair go dry and lose its moisture. Miss Kardashian shampoos her hair every two days which is appreciated by the hair stylists. Not using shampoo daily helps to maintain the soft and suppleness of the hair.
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