Deepika Padukone in Saree – our Top 10

This leggy bombshell from her very first appearance to the movie world decided to dazzle us with her on and off ethnic and western look. Deepika has always been one of those actresses who would completely sweep you off your feet with her beauty and when all that is added along with a suave piece of saree, you can easily imagine the heads turning as she walks by. Saree is one of the most ethnic cultural pieces of clothing an Indian wears and here is a collection of all the times Deepika has been seen waltzing in a saree.
1. The Starter:
The starter
Now before we venture into Deepika’s world of color filled sarees, we top the main dishes off with this starter saree which looks absolutely gorgeous in nude colors. During one of her promotions for her movie, Chennai Express, Deepika was dressed in a million dollar in this nude gold color. The saree is sober and soft with a wide matte gold borderline making her look absolutely awesome.
2. The Glitter Mania: