9 Pictures of Sofia Vergara without Makeup

The Columbian-American beauty, Sofia Vergara is a model, business woman and plays a number of vital roles which makes her one of the most popular Hollywood actresses in the world. Being a professional model and actress she has to be involved in a lot of beauty treatments and avail a number of beauty products. But this successful business woman can even look pretty dazzling without wearing any beauty products. Sofia also likes to carry a natural and makeup-free look whenever she gets a day off from her hectic schedule. Below are some of the best no-makeup pictures of Sofia Vergara which are going to blow your mind.
1. Sipping some hot coffee:

This is a picture of Sofia Vergara walking the streets early in the morning after getting access to her daily morning coffee. She sports a makeup-free look where she looks very pretty and can be easily recognized. Her tired face doesn’t hamper her all over beauty image and still makes her look stage-ready even in the morning.
2. A makeup-free selfie: