8 Pictures of Candice Swanepoel without Makeup

One of the angels to the Victoria’s secret, Candice Swanepoel earned the 10th position on Forbes top earning model list. Starting her journey as a Victoria secret angel, this African bombshell has earned quite a reputation of the classic girl next door filling up all the clichés to the neighborhood hot girl, blond hair and light eyes. We all know models, especially the senior batches are always put under a constant restraint of having to go through every detail that makes them stand out amongst the others. However, these models still have days when they let their hair down and enjoy the day. Catching her at some of those days, in this article today we shall decide whether thiswoman is really all that beautiful even without makeup.
Fresh face:
candice swanepoel without makeup1

Here we see Candice posing for a photo where her face devoid of makeup still looks admirably good. The hair parted from the middle rolls down softly to her sides as she rested her chin in her hands and curled her lip up in a smile. Even without makeup, this woman did shine like a bright new penny. The light eyes matching up to the peach soft lips added to the look.
On set: