8 Pictures of Avril Lavigne Without Makeup

The never changing Avril Ramona Lavigne has won hearts with her catchy tunes and her signature dark eyed makeup. From the beginning of her career, Avril has been a strong contender when it came to sing songs and hip hop, rock and simple pop. Her music has elevated quite some hearts but what remained stagnant was her look. With every passing age, Avril has grown younger spreading her wings more with every smashing hits on her record list. However, there is more to this Canadian celebrity than just long hair and heavy made up eyes. This sneak peek into Avril’s no makeup look book tells us how we this beauty is still a stunner even without the classy heavy eyes.
The pretty peepers:
avril lavgine without makeup1

Usually Avril Lavigne is seen with her signature heavy black eye makeup and without one we must admit she looks a lot different. However, that does not mean she is not beautiful without one since this picture is a living testament of how Lavigne’s beauty cannot be contained within makeup boundaries. Looking extremely pretty, Avril here is a true beauty showing of her pretty peepers and pearly whites.
A change for good: