8 Pictures of Adele without Makeup

A veteran singer with a golden voice, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, or rather going by the name Adele has often appeared in monochrome shades in album covers where she looked stunning in her beautiful self. Adele being on the heavier side has often in the past faced hindrance owing to her plus size but being an inspiration as ever, she has always pulled off her weight, loving her body and growing in to it, probably one of the reasons why we adore her oh so much. With the years of her fame hood growing, we have often photographed her on the streets, different from her cover photo looks but yet without professional set makeup, she managed to be the gorgeous self that she is.
The bed head look:
adele without makeup1

This is one of Adele’s classic bed head look where we can only assume that she has just rolled off her bed and still sporting a messy hairdo, Adele here was completely sans makeup. Looking simply stunning without professional deck up, Adele sure looks a bit different but can we really say she looks bad without makeup? The smoothness of her skin is only accentuated by her rosy pink lips.
Over coffee: