10 Best Rani Mukherjee Without Makeup Photos

It is a well known fact that almost all celebrities are always under scrutiny for the clothes they wear, the appearances they portray and the people who they are spotted with. Rani Mukherjee, the once proclaimed Queen of Bollywood had everything going for her. She was the undisputed box office hit maker, churning out hits almost every year. She also came into the public eye for some of her appearances with her male co-stars.
However, her ability to tap into her emotions and deliver stunning performance alongside some of the best actors of her generation made her a household name. Despite her current lack of roles and rare on-screen appearances, she will always be remembered for those big beautiful eyes as well as her long hair and impeccable style which she carried with utmost grace and poise.
Despite the fact that she has been spotted without make-up on quite a few occasions, she has still managed to maintain the poise and grace she is well known for.
Rani Mukherjee Without Makeup:
The Winter Look:
Rani is spotted here with an oversized but very stylish parka which complements her light coloured eyes perfectly. Her eyebrows and hair are immaculately maintained and despite having no makeup on she still manages to radiate a certain kind of glow that makes her striking. Her features are on display, especially those perched cheekbones of hers.
Colourful Rani:
Rani is seen here sporting a bright yellow tee which promotes harmony. Ironically, her features are in perfect harmony with each other and are letting out a particular glow. Despite having no makeup and in casual attire, she still looks dignified and classy in an understated way. Her white wristwatch also adds a touch of class to her outfit.