10 Best Pictures of Megan Fox Without Makeup

Megan Fox is a former model and American actress who started her acting career in 2001 and has made her mark in many television and film roles, most notably the American sitcom comedy series Hope and Faith and Two and a Half Men. She attained Hollywood status with her breakthrough performance in the 2007 blockbluster movie Transformers and its sequel which earned her a Teen Choice Award in 2009.
Megan Fox is not your quintessential Hollywood actress but one who fits into the category of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses. With her long brunette hair, piercing eyes, gorgeous looks and a body to die for, she is considered a modern day sex symbol appearing on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine as well as in magazines such as Maxim and FHM under the Top 100 Sexiest Females list.
Megan Fox Without Makeup:

Megan Fox considered to be one of the most beautiful women doesn’t need any makeup to prove that point. Seen here buying cosmetics at a store and getting into her car, she looks as pretty and is one of the most recognized faces even without her makeup on. She would do well to purchase minimal amount of makeup.
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That Windy Look: